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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Will Britain Vote Leave Today?

All the "Brexit" supporters argue that Britain will regain its sovereignty by leaving the EU,  and will improve its economy by making trade deals on its own.  Britain should be able to prosper much like Norway and Switzerland have.

For their part, the "Bremain" proponents predict doom and gloom if Britain leaves.  Certainly they never say Britain should endure more EU control, or go all out and adopt the Euro!  This seems very telling.  Their whole argument seems to be: Britain, you can't survive in the big, scary world out there without the EU!

Besides, Bremain has been far more dishonest. Cameron argued there is "no going back."  Of course there is.  Britain could reapply.  Also, this will not undermine European defense in any way.  Brexit doesn't mean leaving NATO.  But I've heard that too.

If I were a Brit, voting "leave" would be a no-brainer.  If only just to oppose who supports Bremain!

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