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Monday, June 13, 2016

Orlando Proves Our "Freedoms" Kinda Clash

Omar Mateen, an Afghan-American born in NYC, killed 49 at a "popular" gay nightclub (I love that modifier in the media) in Orlando until he was killed by police commandos.

Was he a "homegrown" terrrorist?  Apparently the FBI talked to him, twice.  Or so they say.  Never enough to bring him him.   No internet profile must have tipped them.

Was he nuts?  Ex-wife and co-workers said he was crazy.  Now you tell us!  Lady, how about reporting his beating you to the police?  Might have helped.

Affiliated with ISIS?  Well, he pledged allegiance to ISIS on 911 and he went on a haj twice to Saudi Arabia.   Yup, this was an ISIS attack alright!

Did he hate gays?  FBI chief James Comey said they also are looking into "homophobia" as a possible motive.  Your tax dollars at work.

Was he gay?  (Oh, don't go there.  But lots of questions unanswered, like, how did he get in with a AR-15?   Wouldn't that be somewhat conspicuous?  Did he kill the bouncers?  Did the club have any security at all?)

Hearing a lot of "explanations" for this mass murder.   And that it is an attack on our "freedoms." (See below.)  Okay.  But we have all these competing freedoms!   We want to be free to have open borders, and gay nightclubs, and guns-guns-guns, and radical mosques, and crazy people on the loose and off their meds.  We shouldn't be too surprised if, sometimes, these very different freedoms start rubbing into one another in a nonconstructive sort of way.

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