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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Rubio Too Unreliable on Immigration

Senator Rubio now is being called the Republican "establishment" candidate.  This label seems based on his support for making citizens of illegal immigrants.  Rubio sees no problem with more immigrants lowering wages for Americans.  He wants more immigrants to support the cruise ship industry in his native Florida.  This is based on the fallacy that Americans can't be found who will do these jobs. 

His signature immigration legislation failed in the Senate two years ago, but Rubio apparently hasn't changed his views that legalization must precede stricter immigration controls.  See Rubio's Immigration Dilemma  This piece is a must-read if you are considering voting for Rubio this Tuesday.

Trump's rise has to do with his sense that Americans no longer see our immigration policies as making any sense for the realities of the nation's economy.  And it is frankly ridiculous to claim that Americans won't do these jobs, as many of the open borders advocates claim.  

The recent Disney case, in which the popular Florida resort decided to fire 250 IT workers in favor of cheaper immigrants on H-1B visas--and make them train those immigrants in order to receive  their severance packages--demonstrates how out-of-step many big businesses are with the American common good. See Disney Fires American Workers

No wonder so many average Americans are flocking to a huckster like Trump who at least says he has the interests of working Americans at heart.  

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