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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Mexican Immigration to US Declining

We have noted in this space before that Mexican immigration to the US is well past its peak.  When illegal immigration really was an issue 15-20 years ago, it wasn't a very hot political topic.  Now that Mexican illegal immigration has gone way down, it has been.

Pew Research notes that the flow has basically reversed.  More Mexicans have been returning home.
This has more to do with our lousy economy and their own realization that they are not actually living better here. Mexicans returning

Good to know that our poor economic policy has an unintended benefit!

My wife and I recently volunteered for a local charity that assists recent immigrants all the time.  It is quite clear that many of these folks can't possibly make ends meet, and they don't assimilate.  Remarkably, so many of them have been here for years without learning any English.

We are getting a lot of illegals from Central America, but Mexican authorities (with our help) are stopping more at the southern frontier. See the second chart below.

Net Migration From Mexico Below Zero After the Great Recession

Mexico increases deportations of Central Americans
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