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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Cruz Defeats the Ethanol Lobby

Ethanol, fuel made from corn in America, is highly subsidized with federal tax dollars and wasteful. It is federally mandated that it be mixed with gasoline!  It has led to higher food prices and poor fuel economy.  It offers no benefit whatsoever to the environment.  Other than that, it's terrific.

Ted Cruz has campaigned to fade out the subsidy.  Tim Carney, one of the best journalists in the country, explains how he took on ethanol and still won Iowa here:  Cruz Defeats Ethanol Lobby  (Read Carney's "The Big Fix" sometime.  It will educate you on how America is run.)

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad's son is actually the head of the ethanol lobby.  Nope,  I see no problem with that...
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