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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Why We Have An Electoral College

It reflects the makeup of the Congress, for one thing.   Changing it would radically change our constitution as never before.  As the College Goes, So Goes the Constitution

Someone Tweeted after the election, what kind of a political system allows someone who loses the popular vote to win the election?  He thought this was a rhetorical question.  It happens in parliamentary systems with proportional representation.  

Have you ever seen the Ryder Cup?  It is a match play event, kind of like our presidential election. You win by winning the most holes.  I have never heard a golfer say,  I would have won my Ryder Cup match if it had been medal play.   Right:  It wasn't medal play, it was match play.   You knew the rules going in.

The Democrats have in recent decades a decided advantage in the Electoral College before the election begins.  But for some reason, the GOP never complains about that!

Electoral systems are never perfect.  But the Electoral College saved us from Al Gore and Hillary Clinton.   For that alone, it deserves some respect.
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