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Friday, November 4, 2016

UVA Vindicated in Libel Trial

A federal jury convicted Rolling Stone of libeling the assistant dean in the infamous Jackie rape case. Jury Finds Rolling Stone Guilty 

Good for the jury.  After a while, Rolling Stone questioned the veracity of its own story, but then didn't take it off its website for months.   The journalist responsible is finished.  Unfortunately, the publisher Jann Wenner won't be "gawkered" by this,  but it will surely hurt. 

The fraternity's suit against Rolling Stone was thrown out in June.  

UVA's president Teresa Sullivan should have been fired over her terrible leadership during this smear campaign.  She let the university's reputation be sullied without putting up a fight.    All you had to do was to read the first few pages of the article to know it was a hatchet job. 
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