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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Saudi Arabia: The Biggest Geopolitical Risk for 2016

The Kingdom has had a lot on its plate lately.  It launched a war to overthrow Assad by proxy, it intervened in Yemen's latest civil war, and now it has escalated its traditional rivalry with Iran by executing a Shia cleric. Does Riyadh expect the US to bail it out when things go sideways?   David Ignatius is right here to highlight some of the Saudis recent mistakes and the anxiety that drives their policy:  Saudis Fragile State

The US has long needed to re-balance its relationship with the House of Saud.  See Pat Buchanan's column here:  will-mideast-allies-drag-us-into-war?   It shouldn't be driving our entire regional policy.  Our initiative with Tehran was in our best interests.  We should have no dog in the fight in Yemen;  the Houthi are "fiver" Shia who hate Al Qaeda.  Now that they are beaten back, AQ is filling the void.

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