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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Conservatives Making Fools of Themselves Over the Iran Agreement

Enough already!  Here's a piece from the Federalist saying the whole Iran deal will come a cropper because Iran will escort inspectors at Parchin, its military base.   The flaw in the Iran Deal even a child could see.  Nothing from the author's background suggests any expertise on these issues.  But that doesn't stop conservative pundits from making fools of themselves.

Lots of problems with the piece.  I might start by saying as a military base, Parchin has always been outside the normal areas for IAEA inspection.  Iran was in its legal right to deny inspectors there, and everyone knew it.  But no one thought it was doing anything on the nuclear program there for a long time.  So why spend any time focusing on it?

Actually, Parchin is not key to this problem.  The key is the amount of fissile material Iran is allowed to have. Iran already was past threshold for nuclear weapons.   The deal is to roll this back.  Might work; might not. But doing nothing meant Iran was already there!

Also, conservative pundits:  stop reminding us how nasty Iran is.  We got it!  We negotiated with the Russians for years over this nuclear stuff--and maintain diplomatic relations with them--even though we knew they were supporting insurgencies and, yes, terrorism.   This is different, okay?!?

Dare I say that Trump has been the only Republican candidate who has made sense on this issue?  He said he would ensure Iran lives up to the deal.  Right!  (Even Trump gets it.  Have conservatives gone nuts?)
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