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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Iran's Dirty War Against US Troops

The Iranian Quds Force supplied explosively-formed penetrators (EFPs) as part of roadside bombs to kill American troops in Iraq.   We sustained more than 1,000 casualties from these weapons.  How Many Troops Did Iran Kill?

EFPs are essentially a copper cone that is fitted to the bomb.   The bomb's detonation turns the cone into a molten jet of metal, which can penetrate armored vehicles.

There has been some debate over the number of troops killed or wounded by this device.  But these were only used in areas in which Iranian-backed Shia militias had control.   Most of our heavy fighting was against Sunni insurgents, and they produced the most casualties, probably at least 10 times have the Shia militias produced.

But still.  The Iranians were waging a dirty war against us in Iraq.  No mistaking that. 

(And yet,  I still agree with the nuclear negotiations.   This is realism, folks.)

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