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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Where's Snowden?

Here's an interesting interview with Russian journalist Andrei Soldatov on how Snowden is being handled.   He is shielded from Russian journalists, who might be expected to be sympathetic to him.  Interesting too that Snowden's latest public comments hinted that he'd be open to compromise on coming back to the U.S.   See Snowden is Acting Strange

This article also has interesting speculation about the Nemtsov assassination, and the recent "hack" of the White House, which was really a phishing expedition.  

Someday, you will come home, Edward.   Probably as an exchange after we round up some Russian "diplomats" in Washington.   It must have been discouraging to find out you are merely a trading card to be used by Putin at his pleasure.

By the way, the Daily Beast is a great source for these types of stories.  Check it regularly.

Greetings to Mighty Whig readers in France!  And to the Le Salon Beige blog:

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