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Saturday, March 15, 2014

"The Culture War Isn't Over, but..."

..."it's in the final rounds."   So says the "marijuana entrepreneur" in this article.   A great piece, because it exposes the whole medical marijuana swindle.  Recall that California rejected legalizing marijuana, and in several places voters are having buyers' remorse about medical marijuana dispensaries.  Are the feds simply going to drop marijuana's designation as a Schedule 1 narcotic? How will that be justified--sorry, we goofed, its really good for you after all?  Marijuana is being legalized simply because cultural mores are changing, not because we have any new discoveries about it.  It's the same weed it's always been.  The shame is this will actually hurt a lot of people, and will totally undermine parents trying to convince their kids to stay away from the stuff, but who cares about them?  We mustn't stand in the way of our inalienable right to be stoned.
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