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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sandy Fluke's Long March

Corporations have personhood status under the law.   Sorry: This is an ancient juridical principal and is supported by the Supreme Court.   But it is being vigorously disputed by the Left.   ( I understand that. Fighting against business interests is what they do.)  Hobby Lobby''s case if before the Supremes as it attempts to defend itself by not offering health insurance that contravenes its pro-life values.  Note Bene: Contraception requires NO health insurance.  You can buy it cheaply over the counter.  This is never mentioned.  Why should we all the health insurance subscripers assume the cost of someone else's contraception or abortion?   Anyway, the piece below by Sandra Fluke is typical:

Sandra Fluke (rhymes with...never mind.  The u is short.) went to Georgetown Law schoool and began her public career there by insisting that the nominally Catholic university provide coverage for contraception.  She has also argued that sex-reassignment surgery should also be covered.   We suspect that was her real agenda all along.  See here:

Sandra is a Gramscian "intellectual" engaged in the "long march through the institutions."  She's running for state senate in California and doubtless she'll win.

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