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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Two Conservatives Weigh In For Trump

Edward Luttwak here Suffering from Trumpfobia? Get Over It reminds us that in 1980 the press regularly accused Reagan of being so crazy he would get us into a nuclear war.  Eamonn Fingleton here Rubio a Disgrace praises Trump for his willingness to expose how East Asia still puts considerable barriers on our exports.  

He is right that Rubio went beyond Trump in taking the low road.  I was thinking of voting for him at one point but he turned me off.

Both writers see Trump as willing to challenge the conventional wisdom that somehow free trade has been a big benefit for America.  In fact, our main trading partners China and Japan don't practice it. 

Fingleton constantly points out how American infrastructure is going to seed. It is hard to disagree with him when one sees the sorry state of our airports and roads.  I keep reading in the American press about Japan's doldrums economy.  I visited Tokyo in 2014--it was like a gleaming Futurama. Everything new. 

Many parts of the US aren't prospering at all; the Midwest is being hollowed out.  Fracking has made some areas prosperous again--the start of an American industrial renaissance--but the Democrats want to kill it for good. 

How free trade and immigration, both of which put downward pressure on American wages, are benefiting the country should be items for national discussion.  
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