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Friday, May 8, 2015

The Clinton Cash Nexus

The true scandals in America are about what is legal.

The Clinton Foundation may be doing everything legally, but doesn't it look like influence peddling?

If American companies give money to foreign officials in exchange for favors, they can be indicted under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.   But if foreign companies give to American officials (former SecState Clinton) through the Clinton Foundation, that's totally okay.

Here's a review of the new book "Clinton Cash" which details how their system works.  clinton-cash-is-a-blistering-indictment-of-hill-and-bills-behavior/   Businessmen donate heavily to the foundation to get a political favor or access, and the Clintons live off the proceeds.   The Foundation itself is akin to a self-licking ice cream cone: apparently 90 percent of what it takes in is eaten up by operating expenses.

Finally we are starting to see some exposes on how their system works.  Here's the NY Times's takedown of the Foundation back in 2013.  Unease-at-clinton-foundation-over-finances-and-ambitions  The New Republic also weighed in with this:  How a gofer stated the Clinton Global Initiative

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