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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Diversity Perversity in February

At work, our diversity office posted on our website this "timeline" on "black" (sic) history.  It is worth sharing as an artifact of the unique mentality of people who work in these departments.  Note the interesting choices in photographs, especially the last one!  Black History Month Timeline  Yes, let's keep hate alive!

Big omissions in this timeline.  You'd never suspect that Will Smith once was the leading box office actor, or the now unmentionable Bill Cosby the leading entertainer.  (And where's Booker T.?)  Another thing worth pointing out:  how the integration of the Armed Forces during the Korean War assisted many men in finding a new pathway into the middle class.  A key event in U.S. history.

This type of propaganda belittles the real and significant achievements made by "blacks" in this country.  Achievements largely taken for granted.  
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