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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Keep Marijuana Illegal! 

I'm posting a great article by David Frum, a steadfast advocate for keeping pot illegal.  Read the whole thing here.

One of his best points:  as we are become MORE restrictive on alcohol and tobacco use, we are becoming LESS restrictive on marijuana use.   More:
  • Rampant fraud in the medical marijuana industry 
  • The resale of pot to minors by med-mari. card holders
  • Los Angeles's attempt to ban ALL med-mari. dispensaries
  • The rise of marijuana-related accidents
  • And: if smoking is harmless, why do people tend to give it up as they mature?
Fundamentally:  if you want to restrict access of marijuana to kids, DON'T legalize.   This merely increases its availability and eliminates the moral disincentive to use it.   Anyway, the article is one of the best I've seen in awhile, but its just a pebble in the path of a juggernaut.   My only consolation in looking to the future is this:  eventually the marijuana industry will become so big, it will be preyed upon by expensive class action suits and ambitious state attorney generals.   At least then the public might be able to wring some money out of the new dope pushers.

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